Landscaped Driveways That Turns Heads

Custom landscaped home driveway

Have you ever considered landscaping your driveway? Not with sod, plants, or shrubs, but with hard-wearing wood, stone, or concrete. We call it Hardscaping. When done right, that dull, ho-hum driveway transforms into an inspiring work of art you can’t wait to drive on and show off.

The possibilities of turning an overlooked yet daily used surface into a runway of beauty are endless. There are vast amounts of hardscape materials available to you. When finished, people passing by can’t help but notice, not to mention increasing your property’s value.

Curb Appeal Begins At Your Driveway

It’s not the entrance to your home, but rather the moment you leave the road and turn into your driveway where curb appeal begins. How it looks and is maintained says a lot about the property. It is either an eyesore or an extension of a home that is nothing less than gorgeous.

Regardless of your driveway’s condition, it’s easy to get creative when you discover there are attractive features you can incorporate into your driveway’s landscape and appearance. But before you do that, you must assess your entryway before selecting any hardscape options.

Driveway Design Elements You Need To Consider

There are many reasons a homeowner decides it’s time to replace their current driveway. It may be old, cracks in the concrete, washing away due to water damage, or the entrance is all dirt. Whatever the reason, here are areas our Moeller Lawn & Landscape team wants you to consider when planning a new driveway.

  • Driveway Path – Will the path’s design be straight or curved?
  • Length & Width – How long and wide do you want the driveway?
  • Destination Shape – Will vehicles pull in and park or have a circle roundabout?
  • Local Surroundings – What do nearby homes or commercial properties have?
  • Materials Needed – Do you want concrete pavers or stamped texture?
  • Other Options – Do you want to accent the perimeter of the new driveway?

Can A New Hardscape Driveway Use Softscape Add-Ons?

Another option when installing a new hardscape driveway is using softscape materials to enhance or accent the path’s appearance. For instance, your want a new driveway that will have curves in it, like a winding path. What could you use that would accent the curves?

You could choose and plant ornamental trees and shrubs along each side of the driveway’s edge. You can install flower beds or groundcovers along the length of the driveway. With these softscape options, it gives your visitors a riding experience they’ll never forget.

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