Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

Garden lawn with unhealthy brown dead patches

As time passes, grass thins, and sections of a lawn may become bare. A lawn that is heavily used can thin extra quickly. Overseeding is the solution to a bare, thinning lawn! Overseeding fills bare spots, while also helping the entire lawn to become thick and replenished. Just as it is beneficial to overseed a lawn when it starts to become thin and bare, it can also be beneficial to overseed before these problems occur.

In the overseeding process, grass seed is planted over the grass that is already in the yard. This allows the lawn to become healthy and dense, without removing your current lawn.

Overseeding helps to create a thick, lavish lawn that automatically adds curb appeal and makes your yard look inviting. While it is very useful for transforming bare, drab areas into a healthy, flourishing lawn, there are also other benefits of overseeding.

A lawn that is straggly and unhealthy is more likely to get weeds. Thus, overseeding can help keep weeds under control. Furthermore, a lot of older lawns contain grass varieties that are pretty susceptible insects and diseases. When a new variety of grass seed is overseeded on your lawn, it can help fix these problems.

Overseeding a lawn can also help decrease erosion. When grass is overseeded, the result is a dense, lush lawn. This density helps water and soil stay at the root of the grass, rather than eroding. With water and soil remaining at the grass’ roots, the lawn receives nutrients, and it can remain healthy. Overseeding will also help make your lawn more durable.

Late summer or early fall are popular times for overseeding. When overseeding, it’s important to use grass seed that thrives in your location.

Whether your lawn has thinned out and been hurt from insects, disease, or stress, or you simply want to improve it before these problems can occur, overseeding is a great way to transform your lawn!

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