The Importance of Lawn Aeration


Lawn aeration is an important step to maintaining a healthy lawn, and it is often done as an annual procedure.

Factors such as frequent foot traffic or vehicles on your lawn, or simply the passing of time, can lead to compacted soil. When soil is compacted, grass may begin to thin out and lose its vibrant color. This is because the compacted soil makes it difficult for water, nutrients, and air to get to the grass’ roots. Puddles of water on the lawn are another sign of soil compaction. Places with heavy clay soil are often in need of annual aeration to keep their lawns looking bright and beautiful, as it is especially easy for clay soil to become compacted. When left untreated, a compacted lawn can even lead to drainage problems. Thus, it’s important to get the situation taken care of, and aeration is the solution.

When a lawn is aerated, holes are poked in the soil. These holes allow water, nutrients, and air to get to the grass’ roots, thus enabling the roots to receive these needed elements. Core aeration is a common type of lawn aeration where small holes are poked in the ground, and plugs of soil are withdrawn. The process of aeration will cause your lawn’s soil to become fluffy, which, in turn, helps water, nutrients, and air to easily flow through it. Furthermore, aeration can decrease thatch buildup and prevent lawn thatch from getting out of control.

It’s important to have your lawn aerated at the proper time. It’s good for cool-season grasses to be aerated in the early fall or spring, while warm-season grasses do best when aerated in either the late spring or early summer. Aeration is an important step that will help produce a healthy, lavish lawn for you and your loved ones to enjoy! 

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